Tiny house

Tiny house

A tiny house has grown in popularity in recent years. Partly because people have found out through various trends that not much is needed to live a happy life. One of these trends is minimalism. With minimalism, you realise that you don’t need a lot of things or a big house to live the life you dream of and be happy. Another trend is sustainability. In a tiny house or prefab house, you live much more consciously, because nature is much closer to you. And from the waste that is left over from building a house, you can build two tiny houses.

In Spain, too, the demand for prefab houses is increasing. Even with a flat or house, people in Spain already live largely outside. Understandable of course, since the weather is better than in the Netherlands. Yet the lifestyle is also very different.

Casalunya goes Tiny

As the demand for tiny houses is now also increasing in Spain, Casalunya has joined forces with a local estate agent specialising in the legislation and construction of Tiny Houses. And they sell them too. We are fans and we hope you are too. Below is a more detailed explanation of how it works. If you are interested, please mail to team@casalunya.com. We will bring you in contact.

buying a house

¿Tu casa, mi casa?

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Tiny house + plot

You want the whole package, that’s possible. Then we will look together at what your preferences are for the location of the plot. Whether it is feasible and which tiny house you want on it. Would you like to know which tiny houses are available? Download the brochure above!

Tiny house

You have already found a plot and now you want to put a tiny house on it. Which we think is a very good idea, by the way. That is also possible. Would you like to know which models of tiny houses there are? Download the brochure above!


You already have a tiny house, or you are going to build one yourself. But you are still looking for a plot where you can fulfil your dream. Of course, that is possible too.

For all the possibilities mentioned above, the same applies: Send an email to team@casalunya.com and we will help you.

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