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We are an international real estate agency, specialized in exclusive properties at unique locations on the Costa Daurada. Every day we help people to sell and buy their properties.

When you have a house in Catalonia...

…you are quite lucky. Many people are looking for a house in a place with good weather, beaches, nature, and excellent gastronomy. 

But of course, where to start selling your house now that you have made up your mind? It’s not something you do every day. Don’t worry, we do. 

If you’re reading this, it’s because something in you says that hiring a real estate agent will save you money, time, and above all, a lot of hassle. A piece of advice: look for an agency that cares about you and that is as clear as possible about the fees, the steps to follow, and above all: that gives you confidence. We try to be the best partner in your goal: getting the most out of your house and sell it at pace of your preference! 

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Do you trust us to sell your home?

You choose our service and with this, you give us your trust. We give you our professionalism, time, dedication, and energy to sell your home in the best possible way. Although we take care of everything, it is still a team effort. Because you are the one who chooses how, when, and at what price to sell. It takes two to tango! Here we explain the steps to follow. Do you like the way we work? Please get in touch with us. We are looking forward meeting you, and your property too!

1. Know your wishes and your house

Do you still live in the house? When would you like to move? How much money would you like to receive for the sale? Do you know the tax rules? Are you willing to invest in the house to sell it better? All these questions are the ones we will ask you in our first appointment. We will explain clearly how we work and what our fees are when selling your house. So that it’s clear before we get started.


2. Set the best price

Your property competes with others that are for sale in the area. We will give you the optimal price for a good and quick sale. We are specialists in selling exclusive homes in unique locations, so we surely know how to find the value of the property you want to sell.

3. Styling your home

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. That's how it works with people and that’s also how it goes with houses. And sometimes it's the small changes in a house that makes the difference. That's why we give you home staging tips. So that your house looks amazing when you put it on the market. You choose how much you want to invest in selling your house faster and better.

4. Draw attention to your home

Your home is very special to you. To make it special for someone else, you must attract the attention of potential buyers. We have a personal marketing plan prepared so that your house does not go unnoticed. Apart from a professional photoshoot, we position your home on the best national and international platforms. We process the viewing requests we receive through the platforms and plan the visits.

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5. Convincing the buyer

We prepare for each visit to your home. Not just anyone can visit your home. We have our techniques to know if someone is serious. Once a person wants to buy your home, we work to make sure that everyone is happy with the conditions, both price, and date of sale. 

6. After the sale

Before going to the notary, you will already receive a reserve amount, as agreed in the earnest money contract. On the day of sale, at the notary, you will receive the rest. We will try to make the day of the sale as comfortable as possible for you. We do not go anywhere after the sale. When fiscal or practical questions arise, we will help you with whatever you need.

Why do customers choose us?

Trust comes first

Sometimes buying or selling a house can be a complicated process. That is why we always offer you transparency and good quality information. We want to be your trusted advisor, so you are able to make the best decision.

We don't complicate your life

Life is complex enough, there are so many things to worry about. Thinking about how to sell your house shouldn't cause a headache. We make it easy and accessible so you can be in control of everything.

We are here and we will continue to be here

We are thrilled to be the chosen ones to accompany you in your journey towards the sale of your home. Once you trust us, we don't go anywhere, we continue by your side to "infinity and beyond".

When do we start selling your home?

 The owners of the houses you can see below have chosen to be promoted by us on national and international platforms, on our website, social media platforms, and Casalunya magazine. Your wish is our command. We have all the necessary tools to promote your home to your future buyer, but you set the pace.  

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