Buying a house at the Costa Dorada

Buying a house at the Costa Dorada

I want to buy a house in Spain, can you help me with that?

We often get that question. 

The first help we offer is: look at the map. Spain is very big. Where exactly do you want to live? In the mountains? By the sea? In an area which is touristy? Or a region that has remained local? Where you can swim in the sea all year round or where the winters still feel like winter?

In short: thinking about where in Spain you want a second home or want to live is not something you do ‘lightly’. It takes an orientation. Or, in the case of some, it is a feeling. A small, possibly unexpected crush.

If, like us, you love Catalonia and especially the Costa Dorada, keep on reading.

The purchase process: from the first viewing to handing over the keys

Schedule viewings

Let the estate agent know when you are in the area for a viewing. In case of a house viewing, let the estate agents know well in advance when you are coming and what time you want the appointment. This will prevent you from viewing only half of the properties you wanted to see during your visit. It may be that the first property you view is the one you want to buy, but there are usually many more viewings before that.

By the way, don’t you speak Spanish? Ask if there is a possibility to speak to an English-speaking agent. Or even Dutch, as in our case. This makes the appointment a lot clearer (and easier).

Tips for a good viewing

Buying a house is a big decision and involves a lot of money. So it’s important that you know exactly what kind of meat you have in the barrel! Make sure you’re always well prepared when you go to view a house and that you keep asking questions. Preferably too much than too little.

Making an offer

During price negotiations, it is important to ‘feel’ how high the need is and to what extent you can get the price down.
Interested in letting us negotiate for you? Let us know, we can help you with that. We know the local prices, can see how long the property has been for sale and negotiate in Spanish.

Reservation of the property

After accepting the offer, the estate agent will reserve the property for you. Some agents ask for a reservation fee, for example 1000 euro. At this stage, the property has not yet been officially sold to you, but all parties express the intention to draw up a temporary purchase contract (contrato de arras). Once this has been signed by all parties and the 10% deposit has been made, the property will be withdrawn from sale.

Contrato de arras: the private sale contract

A contrato de arras is a private sale agreement. It can be seen as a private contract between the owner of a property and the buyer. By paying an advance, the buyer reserves the property and all parties show their willingness to sign the sale at the Notary. As a buyer you pay an advance. In addition, both the buying and the selling party are subject to conditions that everyone must meet.

 Signing at the notary

Prepare yourself for signing at the notary. Be well informed about the amounts to be withheld from the purchase price, payments by bank cheque, etc. If necessary, hire a translator or (purchasing) agent to accompany you during the notarial process. Not all notaries and brokers speak English, and it is important to be sure that everything is correct.

What you need to arrange before buying a house

There are a number of things that are necessary for the purchase of a home and that you should arrange in advance and take into account.


It is good to have a clear idea of the maximum price you are willing to pay for your (second) home in Spain. And how much you can and want to pay per month in mortgage costs.

Do you need help with financing your home? We have an extensive network of mortgage professionals (in Spain and the Netherlands) who can help you. 

Taxes on the purchase

Take into account about 10% transfer tax in your calculation. Exactly how much depends on the region where you buy the property. 

The taxes you have to deal with when buying a property in Spain are:


– AJD (Actos Jurídicos Documentados)

– ITP (Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales)

The NIE number

The NIE number is a Spanish tax identification number and you will need it to purchase your property. The NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is actually the same as the Dutch BSN number. Therefore, you only need to apply for the NIE number once in your life. But in Spain you really can’t live without it. For all official acts you need a NIE number. Examples are:

Buying and selling real estate;
Entering into a rental agreement;
An employment contract;
Buying a telephone subscription; Ordering online and purchases above 2000 euros.

 Spanish bank account

Opening a bank account in Spain is necessary to buy a property in Spain. Even if you don’t need a mortgage, or if you finance the property with a loan in the Netherlands, a Spanish bank account is still a must. The reason? At the notary, the amount must be transferred from a Spanish bank account. How do you open a bank account and which bank do you choose? In this blog, we help you on your way. 

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Why the Costa Dorada?

This coast starts under the province of Barcelona, from Cunit and Calafell, through the city of Tarragona to the delta of the river Ebro.  

Literally translated it means the golden coast, derived from the golden sand that you can find everywhere. It is one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in all of Spain. And in many places still very unspoilt and local. With the exception of La Pineda and Salou, the most touristic coastal towns on the costa.

Those who love good food, hiking along the beach or in the mountains, cultural excursions and adventure sports will not be bored in Catalonia and on the Costa Dorada.

Nature lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the unspoilt nature of the Costa Dorada and in particular by the Delta de l’Ebre (the Ebro Delta).

Some advantages of the Costa Dorada:

  • Prices of housing, life and enjoyment are relatively cheap here compared to other costas;
  • The Costa Dorada, unlike the Costa Brava, has long sandy beaches that are often less touristy and crowded, but just as cosy;
  • Beautiful bays and sandy beaches and azure sea. It is sunny all year round and you can go to the sea from May to November;
  • In the sea and to the beach from May to November;
  • Sunny all year round;
  • Europe’s best campsites and starred restaurants by the sea.
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