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International real estate agency on la Costa Daurada

We are an international real estate agency, specialized in exclusive properties at unique locations on the Costa Daurada. Every day we help people to sell and buy their properties.

Get to know the Casalunya team

Real estate agent

Alejandro S. Gavaldà

Real estate agent

Hieke Voorberg

Agente inmobiliario

Juan Carlos S. Gavaldà

The 6 commandments of the Casalunya team

Trust comes first

Do you trust us to help you sell your home? Do you trust us to help you find the home you want?

We can only be a successful team if the answer is yes. We take the time to understand each other and build trust so that we can accelerate the sale and purchase.

We value authenticity and honesty

Communication is key. There are many ways to pass on information, and we prefer to be authentic and honest. Because these are important values for us.

We don't want to complicate your life

Life is complicated enough, there already are so many things to worry about. Thinking about how to sell or buy your home shouldn't cause a headache. We make it easy and accessible so you can be in control of everything.

Casalunya International Real Estate Agency
We are there for you and we will continue to be there

Once we have your trust to accompany you on your journey towards the sale or purchase of your home, we are not going anywhere, we continue by your side to "infinity and beyond".


Sustainable homes

More people join planet earth every day, so awareness of a sustainable economy must grow. We take the Paris Climate Agreement seriously and apply the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our company strategy. For example, we want to promote renewable energies both through information and cooperation. We also want to cooperate as a real estate agent to make cities in Catalonia more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. We believe that it is necessary to do more and better with less and to have sustainable consumption and production.

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Personal and professional growth

When we grow as people and as professionals, we can add more and more value. That is why we attach great importance to the education and training of our team.


Our professional partners

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