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Every year in September, Tarragona city celebrates the city festival Santa Tecla. Or at least, every year… For the past 2 years, due to corona reasons, there was little to do. And maybe that’s why in 2022 it went all out.


Hitsory of Santa Tecla

The festivities of Santa Tecla began in 1321, when the relic of the arm of Santa Tecla arrived in the city of Tarragona, as the story goes from Armenia.

In 1370, Archbishop Pere Clasquerí established the ritual order for the two feast days, the 22nd – Vespers – and the 23rd of September. The characteristics of the rituals are maintained to this day.


Main rituals of the Santa Tecla festival


The People’s Procession or Seguici: costumed dancers, performances and folk musicians.


Castells of Tarragona
The human castles: groups of men, women and children performing towers up to ten stories high.



A correfoc is a Catalan folkloric expression that literally means “fire run.” The correfoc mainly takes place during village festivals, where colles de diables, groups dressed as devils, run past spectators with fireworks or dance to the rhythm of percussion.

The tradition probably originated in the Middle Ages. However, it is only since the 20th century that correfoc has expressed itself in this way. During the 1980s and 1990s, correfocs became increasingly popular and spread throughout the Catalan-speaking territory, both in Spain and France. Today, the event has become a true spectacle, comparable to large theatrical performances.


An impression of the Santa Tecla festival


We can talk about it long or short, but images say more than words.


So check out this year’s video here for an impression of this impressive celebration.




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