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Technical building inspection1 min read

A building inspection reveals all possible defects in a building or house. It is not compulsory, but highly recommended when you buy a property in Spain. This inspection is carried out by an architect.

About the building inspection

A technical inspection is recommended when you buy a property and want to be sure that everything is in order. You can have this inspection done at the time of the reservation contract (contrato de arras).

If there are any defects, you can make an appointment with the current owner of the property before you go to the notary.

You can opt for a basic building report or a more extensive version which also includes all the recommendations for improving the energy level of the property and other recommendations.


Available in: Dutch, Spanish, English & Catalan



Lead time: up to 10 days.


On request, please send an e-mail to

Please note that the building technical report is carried out by an independent party and it is always independent advice.

Contact Casalunya

Do you need a building inspection report urgently? Send an e-mail to and state: the address, when you need the building inspection, who has the keys (private owner or the estate agent involved), your name and telephone number. We will then put you in contact with an architect who is available.


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