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Have you already found a buyer for your property in Spain? That is good news! To ensure that the further sales process runs smoothly, you can make use of our sales assistance. On this page you can read exactly what this professional service entails.


Sales support from a local estate agent in Spain

You will not be the first home owner who has found a buyer for the (second) residence in his own warm network. Even if you transfer the property to a family member or someone from your circle of friends, there is still a lot involved in the sale of the property.

Amongst other things, the sale of a property in Spain involves:

  • Reservation of the property;
  • Booking contract and down payment (contrato de arras and 10% down payment). In this contract you will find the sales price you agreed upon, the date of transfer and other important agreements;
  • Sales documentation in order (NIE number is also needed to sell the property, Cédula de Habitabilidad, Energy Certificate);
  • Property transfer at the Spanish Notary (if you wish, you can let someone else sign in your name in Spain through a power of attorney, and use a translator on the day of the property transfer);
  • Tax settlement (for non-residents: refund of capital gains tax at 3% of the sale price);
  • Transferring the purchase price from the Spanish bank account to the Dutch bank account and possibly cancelling that account afterwards.


sales support


Casalunya as a sales agent

Are you looking for a reliable real estate agent on the Costa Dorada and looking for assistance with the sale of your property? We would like to hear from you how far you are in the sales process and what you need help with. During an intake meeting we will discuss together what services you need and we will agree on a fixed price on the basis of your individual needs (modules). Interested? Contact us to schedule an intake.




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