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In other countries, it is quite normal to use a purchase agent for the purchase of real estate. Professionals who help you with the whole purchase process, from making an offer, the negotiations to the house transfer at the notary. Using a purchase agent in Spain is even better, because language and culture are often a barrier, and in Spain you have to deal with other processes and regulations when buying. Are you looking for a buying agent in Catalonia, the Costa Dorada or Tarragona city? Then read on, we can help you further.

What does a buying agent do?

A purchase broker guides you in finding and buying a residence. He or she has good connections on the local housing market, so you are quickly aware of houses that are for sale. The purchase broker can help you select suitable houses and will accompany you to viewings if you wish. Have you found your dream house? Then the broker will make you an offer and conduct the negotiations with the seller. You can discuss with the broker exactly which services you need and which you will use.

Buying agent in Catalonia

The profession of buying agent is not yet very well established in Catalonia among the locals. There are purchase brokers, often these are international brokerage firms like Casalunya who are familiar with this phenomenon and are in any case often asked for purchase advice.

Buying property in Spain

Especially if you want to buy a house in Spain, where you don’t know the housing market and don’t speak the language well, it is useful to hire a purchase agent. It is nice to have someone on your side who knows how the housing market in Spain works. What to look out for, what the pitfalls are and how to get the best possible deal.

The fee

Just like a personal shopper, the buying agent will agree a rate with you for devising a buying strategy, making an offer, negotiating with the seller and supervising the entire buying process (from checking all contracts, translation work up to and including attendance at the notary).

Casalunya as a buying agent

Are you looking for a property or land on the Costa Dorada? And are you looking for assistance with the purchase?

We would like to hear from you how far you are in the buying process and what you need help with.

During an intake meeting, we will cross-reference the services you need and agree on a price on the basis of the individual requirements (modules). Interested? Please contact us to schedule an intake.


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