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How to prepare a house for sale: 6 tips3 min read

We have said it before and we will probably say it again. Selling a house is not something you do every day. So it’s logical that you don’t quite know what needs to be done. One of the first steps is to prepare a house for sale. Read our tips below.

1. Paint

By painting, we do not mean that the house has to be repainted completely. Unless, of course, that’s really necessary. But we do mean getting rid of stains on the wall. And if paint has peeled off, for example from window frames or window sills, make sure it looks neat again. A tip from us is to take into account that most people like light-coloured houses. Don’t have white walls? Then make sure that as much light as possible comes in through the windows.
Oh yes, and whitening the façade of your home is also a very good idea.

2. Homestaging

This is an important tip both for the day the photos are taken and the day a viewing takes place. Homestaging does not always have to mean big changes. It can start with putting fresh fruit down or buying flowers and putting them in a nice vase. Because who doesn’t like a bouquet of flowers. It also gives your home some colour and a fresher look. Win-win situation if you ask us.

prepare a house

3. Remove personal stuff

This may be a difficult one, because for you, the personal belongings have become a part of your home. Yet photos, personal cards or souvenirs can make a potential buyer want to look further for another property. Reason? You want the potential buyer to see himself living in your house and to see it as his future (second) home. Cute baby pictures of your (grand)children, no matter how cute, do not help.

4. Tidy and clean

It may sound logical, to tidy up your house before taking pictures or before a viewing. Yet we think it is important to mention. Once you have tidied up, walk through the house again to double-check. Are there any personal items that you have overlooked? Or did you forget to tidy up a corner? Then this is your chance to tidy it up!

5. Small fixes

Is a door handle loose? Does that window not close properly? Or is a light not working? Fix it! Such things can make potential buyers think that the house is poorly maintained. That’s why it’s good to fix these little things before the pictures are taken. Or before people come to look.

6. Scent

This tip is especially important for viewings. Not everyone finds it important that it smells nice. However, we don’t know anyone who buys a house that doesn’t smell fresh or clean. Therefore, put down extra scented sticks. Or even better, bake a cake or a loaf of bread. That immediately gives people a feeling of coming home.

In conclusion

Of course, what needs to be done to each property is different. Therefore, not every tip listed above applies to your house. Still, it is good to at least think about what small things you can improve about the house. Because it will really benefit the sale of the property: you will sell it sooner and for a better price. Because the potential buyer will negotiate about each defect, because after the purchase he or she will have to repair something that you could have done as well.

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