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The perfect day in Tarragona. You are on holiday in Barcelona, Salou, Tarragona or another place on the Costa Dorada. You are pressed for time and want to see as much of Tarragona as possible. Or you just don’t know where to start in order to get the most out of your day. As Tarragona “locals” (and fans) we give you tips for 1 perfect day in the city. With tips we wish we knew before we came to live or spend time here.


For breakfast

Breakfast may be included in your hotel. If that is not the case, have breakfast in the square near Mercat Central. You can sit there in the sun or in the shade and actually every café/restaurant there is suitable for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. In other words, a very good start of your day in Tarragona.


Mercat de Tarragona

Finished with breakfast? Then pop into the Mercat! Enjoy the locals having coffee or even odds are they are already on something stronger. Regardless of the time. Continue your stroll past the butchers, caterers, greengrocers and the fresh fish on display.


El Serrallo

After this, it is time to walk to the harbour. Before you get to the big yachts, you will walk through the fishermen’s quarter El Serrallo, which still has a truly authentic Spanish atmosphere. Be prepared to walk around the talking people a few times, because they happened to bump into each other on the street.


A break

Fancy stopping for a coffee or a cool drink? Then be sure to stop by one of the bars in the harbour. Another noteworthy bar and one of our favourites is: 10 de tapas. Every drink there includes tapas.


Rambla Nova and Balcó Mediterrani

Just don’t linger too long because it’s time to head for our favourite part of the city. Parte Alta, literally translated as the high part. It is a bit of a climb to the top but with a few escalators (from Serallo) it is easy to do. Walk over Rambla Nova in the direction of Balcó Mediterrani (photo stop) and enjoy the beautiful view. Be sure to look back to admire the mountains in the distance.


Roman remains

From here, walk towards the amphitheatre and the rest of the remains of the Roman era. Would you like to go inside? You can find information on tickets here! The remains are definitely worthwhile. You imagine yourself to be back in Roman times. And if you don’t like this, the view alone is worth it.



Parte Alta

Now you really head for Parte Alta. It is time for lunch. Plaça Forum is a nice square for this with nice restaurants. A tip is “menu del día” or “menu ejectivo”. For around € 10 you have a 3-course menu including drinks.

After lunch, walk through the narrow (cool) streets of Parte Alta. And don’t forget to visit the Cathedral. This is one of Tarragona’s must sees. Made some nice pictures of the cathedral? Also walk to the Museu d’Història where you can see a model of the Old Roman city.




Playa Arrabassada

Is it a bit too hot to walk around the city? No problem, walk 25 minutes to Arrabassada beach for a dip in the sea, a siesta in the sun or a drink with beautiful views at one of the beach bars. There is another beach closer by, El Miracle beach, but the walk is really worth it.



Are you sleeping in a hotel in Tarragona? And do you therefore have the opportunity to freshen up? Then that is a very good option. Since, especially at weekends, Catalans eat late (between 21.00 and 22.00). So don’t step into the restaurant between 19.00 and 20.00 already. So that you are not all alone in the restaurant. Or the kitchen is not open yet.

A few restaurant tips are:


  • Merceria34 (Spanish tapas, with a creative twist. Very tasty! Parte Alta)
  • Frida (Mexican Parte Alta)
  • L’Ancora (Fish restaurant in El Serrallo)



Plaça de la font

Your day in Tarragona is almost over, but you still feel like having a drink. Then be sure to take a look at (actually) the most beautiful square in the Tarragona. Maybe you have already walked past, but it is still worth going there at night. The terraces are full with all different kinds of people. And the good drinks help of course! The square itself is surrounded by beautiful, high, colourful buildings and at the end stands the town hall of Tarragona. In other words, it is the perfect ending to your day in Tarragona.




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