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Tiny house in Spain: 4 reasons why you want one3 min read

Buying a Tiny House in Spain, or a prefab house in Spain, has been a real trend in recent years. A living trend that stems from several other trends. Namely minimalism, because how much does a person really need to live a nice life? Especially in Spain, this does not have to be much. The other trend is sustainability. And this is one that Casalunya also holds dear. Because we think it is very important to deliver the world well to the next generation. Anyway, this is all explained a bit better below.

In short, what is a tiny house?

The word says it all, it’s a small house. But there is more to small living than just having a small house. It is also about changing your lifestyle to one that is good for people, animals and the world.

1. Minimalism

In the Netherlands, it is not impossible to own a tiny house, nor is it impossible to have a good time in it. However, in Spain, the step to a tiny house is a little smaller. Life here is much more outdoors. Therefore, the step to live smaller is not so big. People who own a tiny house also say it gives them an enormous sense of freedom. You can’t have many things, because there isn’t that much space. And if we are to believe the people who live in a tiny house, they say that the feeling of only having what you need is enormously liberating.

2. Sustainablitiy

It can hardly have escaped anyone’s attention that sustainable living is very important in these times. Of course, we want to hand the world of in good condition to future generations. A Tiny House is built with sustainable materials. Materials that are preferably renewable and therefore do not have a bad effect on the environment. In addition, much less material is needed. You can build about two tiny houses from the waste left over from building a “normal” house.

3. Living expenses

The living costs in a Tiny House in Spain are much lower than in a villa or even a terraced house. First of all, it is a lot cheaper to buy. If you buy a tiny house, you have to take into account that you also have to buy a plot of land (usually). Secondly, you also have less space to heat or cool, so the cost of electricity is also lower. Even lower if you also use solar panels.

4.living self-sufficiently

How nice it is to come home. Taking a dip in your swimming pool, which of course you can’t do without in a Tiny House in Spain, then picking herbs from your vegetable garden and eggs from your chickens. Because if you’re lucky, you’ll have a piece of land with enough space left over, so you can pretty much live self-sufficiently. Provided, of course, that you are also self-sufficient in the generation of energy. This gives you a lot of freedom.

Please note: it is not possible in Catalonia to place your Tiny House on a plot just like that. The regulations in this Spanish region are quite strict. However, it is not impossible if you know the rules and you know which municipalities tolerate it. So always ask, when buying a plot, about the rules for building or placing a Tiny House.

Enthusiastic about buying a Tiny House in Spain? Keep an eye on the Casalunya website. Can’t wait? Please contact us for more information.


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