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Almost everyone dreams of having a second home in a country where it does not rain three quarters of the year. Most of the time, dreams stay dreams. But what if your dream has come true? You have managed to get hold of a second home or you have the budget to buy one. What are the things you can not miss when buying a second home in Spain? Below is a list of them.


1. Swimming pool

A second home does not always have to be a large villa. It can also be a flat in an apartment building. And while a villa usually has a swimming pool included, a flat does not. However, there is some luck here on the Costa Daurada, where we are based as a real estate agency. Many apartment complexes have a shared swimming pool. The advantage of this is that even if you are not there, the pool is maintained. A shared pool does bring extra service costs with it (Vve costs, costes de comunidad). The estate agent can give you more information about this.



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2. Airconditioning

A house in Spain means that in most houses it can get quite warm in the summer. Therefore, a good air conditioner is really important.


3. Close to the beach/sea

Of course, you may want a house in the city, but even then it is nice to have the option of living within walking distance of the sea. You will probably prefer living nearby the beach. And you are right, because after a long day at the beach, who wouldn’t want to sit with their feet in the sand, a drink in their hand and the sound of the waves in their ear.


4. Balcony/ garden

As we mentioned with the swimming pool, a second home does not have to be a villa. However, regardless of size, it is nice to have a place for yourself in the open air. This can be a garden, a terrace or a balcony. Being able to enjoy the sunset in peace or the warm rays of the sun can bring you many happy moments.

Did you know? Houses with gardens and balconies have become much more popular since the pandemic. Because of the severe lockdown that the people in Spain had to endure.


5. Good security system

Good security is definitely not an unnecessary luxury. Especially if it’s a second home, where you are not present yourself for a large part of the year. Because nobody likes squatters or burglars. Certainly not if you’re 2000 kilometres away. So do some research into a good alarm/security system. And if you can’t work it out, Casalunya can help you with that too!


6. Nearby a supermarket

If you have a second home somewhere, it is not obvious that you also have a car at your disposal. It is faster (and more convenient) to come by plane, especially if you go back and forth more often. Then it’s nice to have a grocery shop within walking or cycling distance. Thereby also comes that you can’t drink the water from the tap in most mediterranean countries in Europe. Or at least it doesn’t taste like what you’re used to.

An extra tip : Buy a water purifier. Doesn’t have to be expensive. But is very practical.


There is always another way

In the end, of course, what kind of home you want differs from person to person and from dream to dream. These are the things that we, from Casalunya, would consider important in a second home. But we also understand very well if you want a finca for example. And that there are other things to consider with that. We are curious about what kind of (second) home you are looking for. Please let us know and maybe we can help finding your dream home.

Are you looking for a second home with all these features or a finca. Please have a look at our properties or contact us!


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