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If you are in the region of Tarragona, there are a lot of vineyards. And sometimes there are so many options you don’t know which one to choose, so here is a tip. Vinye del Terrer vineyard in Vila Seca, near Salou.

The Vineyard

The vineyard belongs to Eduard and his wife. Both very kind and with a big passion for wine making. They really want to teach you about their job and are open to all questions. And not unimportantly, Eduard’s English is very good. Which is not something you find often in Spain (no offence).

The tour

Before you start drinking the wine, you start with a tour. When I was there, it was raining so we did not go onto the vineyard. Which is something you do when the weather is nice (a.k.a. most of the time). We got a tour through the “wine factory” where they explained the wine making process step by step. And the difference between white and red wine. After that we got a small tour through the wine storage. The explanation is not long-winded, easy to follow and interesting. When you’ve seen everything, it’s time for the best part of the day, the wine tasting.

The wine tasting

We tasted 3 wines, 1 white and 2 red. And even though it was half past 11 in the morning, it certainly tasted good. Eduard even said that tasting is best done early, because then your taste buds are still neutral. You do this with a beautiful view over the vineyards. After the wine tasting, there is also the possibility to buy your favorite wines.

Are you interested in this wine tasting? Take a look at their site or book a tour directly via winetourism

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