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Apply for a NIE number2 min read

If you are going to live or work in Spain, you need a NIE number for every official action.
This is the Spanish equivalent of the citizen service number. If you are going to live (partly) in Spain, and want to buy a house, you cannot do without.

You need a NIE for:

  • Buying and selling real estate;
  • Entering into a rental agreement;
  • An employment contract;
  • Buying a telephone subscription, online orders 
  • Purchases over 2000 euros.


In short: a NIE is indispensable in Spain.

This is how you can obtain a NIE:

Through the consulate (processing time: 12 weeks);
Through the local police (costs about 10 euros but is an administrative maze);
Fortunately, there are also companies that can take care of the NIE application for you against payment.

Company where you can get your NIE number:
Locally in Tarragona via Tarraco Consulting (from 200 euros, 30 days processing time)

Request NIE number in Tarragona city

1. Send an email to Tarraco Consulting via email containing:

  • Your first name & surname
  • Your home address;
  • Your nationality;
  • The reason for which you need an NIE.


Or visit the Tarraco Consulting office, address: Av. d’Estanislau Figueres, 57, 43002 Tarragona.

Optional: Would you like to receive a 30 euro discount on the application fee? Send an e-mail to and receive our discount code.

2. Zinep Aasri or one of her colleagues will explain the next steps.


Zinep is the one your looking for in Tarragona to help you with all the
administrative steps you need to take if you are going to live (and work) in Tarragona.

Please note: questions about the application process or the turnaround time can be put to these parties themselves. So for substantive questions about applying for an NIE you cannot come to us. We are busy selling homes. 🙂


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