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From fashion to villas: the Karl Lagerfeld brand presents its first architectural and luxury residential project called Karl Lagerfeld Villas. At first five luxury villas will be build in the Malaga municipality of Marbella.

Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella will occupy a total area of 9,670 m2 (with areas for each villa of 660 m2, 695 m2, 705 m2, 805 m2 and 845 m2 respectively).

Villas finished with gold powder

The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away in 2019 but his company continues. The five luxury villas are being build by Sierra Blanca Estates. The project will use wood and a reflective synthetic ceramic material finished with white gold powder. This creates a polished and semi-reflective effect that gives them a modern design that is very different from other houses in the same category in the region. Integration into the landscape also plays an important role, as the villas are surrounded by woodland.

“We are delighted to see Karl’s vision of luxury without artifice and his passion for architecture come to life with this unprecedented residential project,” says Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of Karl Lagerfeld. “These villas not only mark the exciting expansion into the world of Karl Lagerfeld’s residential projects, but also embody the high level of sustainability to which our brand aspires.”

“As pioneers in the development of luxury residential projects starring major international brands on the Costa del Sol, in particular, and in Spain, in general, we look forward to putting our indelible mark on beautiful Marbella together with Karl Lagerfeld through this one-of-a-kind project,” adds Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of Sierra Blanca Estates.

“We are delighted with this collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and look forward to seeing this exclusive project come to life. These villas will establish a new luxury residential paradigm focused on circularity and nature, while maintaining the pillars of a premium lifestyle,” explains Michele Galli, CEO of The One Atelier.

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High level of sustainability

In terms of the sustainability component, the fundamental design principles of the project will provide for low carbon construction. In this way, the existing landscape on which the construction of the five villas will be set in motion will act as a kind of “lung” for the master plan, determining the location and layout of the villas, which will be built using a mix of timber structures and highly insulating and innovative materials.

Each of these exclusive residences will be oriented in such a way as to optimize its exposure to the sun and the landscape. This architectural principle will determine that each villa will have its own shape, although all of them will follow the same building pattern that imagines the living areas, located on the first floor, under this concept of transparency and luminosity, but protected, using slight depressions in the floor, from radiation. The rest areas on the first level will be equipped with an intelligent system of window modulation to allow for a constant “free green zone” that acts as a filter for light and heat.

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Other features of the development will include large portions of vegetated roofs and courtyards that allow each villa to “breathe” naturally, while solar panels help to optimize overall energy consumption. Each villa’s mechanical systems, as well as home automation to manage and control additional energy consumption, will use geothermal energy to operate. Similarly, each villa will have a rainwater recovery tank to supply the circular needs of elements such as the water mirrors in each house, the swimming pools, the green roofs and the irrigation system for the entire plot.

As a result of the development, the project will embrace an urban forestry strategy by planting a total of 300/350 trees, adding to its contribution to the biodiversity of the area, while reducing CO2 emissions in the area.

Similarly, the architectural project also plans to construct more than 2 km of bicycle lanes connecting the villas’ site to the sea with the aim of encouraging alternative mobility in the most exclusive areas of Marbella.

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