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The built environment contributes more than a third of the national CO2 emissions. The government, developers and also more and more consumers know this, including in Spain. The demand for sustainable homes is growing. Investors are therefore increasingly choosing sustainable real estate when buying property in Spain. Good for the image and for the return.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isj good for the image.

The investment policy of institutional investors increasingly includes a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This means that they are an increasingly to invest a larger proportion of their property portfolios sustainably. Also PR helps. For investors, landlords and tenants alike, the more sustainable the property you own, rent or lease, the better it is for your image. Oriol Forner is Business Development Manager at CaixaBank and said on At a conference on circular building organized by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia he said recently: ‘If we continue like this, we will soon need three planets. In 2020, the EU launched its ambition to become the world’s first CO2 neutral continent. From la Caixa Bank we are now also focusing on sustainability. ´
Whether this is greenwashing or real: many Spanish companies have also put sustainability high on the agenda.

Sustainable real estate yields higher returns in the long run

Making it sustainable seems like a no-brainer. Making buildings and homes more sustainable is good for the value development and lettability of the property. Sustainable buildings are attractive to users because they consume less energy, have a good indoor climate and low maintenance costs. Kortom: duurzaam vastgoed levert op termijn relatief meer rendement op. A building with label A can be rented out with a higher average rental value.

sustainable real estate in spain

Making real estate sustainable: a number of tips

Making buildings more sustainable is primarily about energy efficiency. When it comes to new construction, it’s all about circularity, so building with reusable materials and using a materials passport. This has already been developed in the Netherlands, but Catalonia wants to start with this as well. By cataloguing the building materials for each structure, they can be reused more easily in the future.

You can make an existing home more sustainable by:

– Insulating floors, windows and roofs;

– Upgrading or replacing heating and cooling systems;

– Solar panels on the roof;

– LED lighting.

Do you want to get started with improving the sustainability of real estate in Spain? Then look for a good contractor or architect who also values sustainability. And knock on the door of Solarmente , a Dutch pioneering solar panel company in Spain.


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