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Investing in real estate in Spain is again much more popular than last year. Until September 2021, 8 million euros have been invested in Spanish real estate. That is 22% more than in 2020. This is what the consultancy firm CBRE has announced. Nevertheless, real estate investments in Spain are not yet at the level of 2019.

According to a study by the consulting firm CBRE, 22% more was invested in real estate in Spain up to September 2021 than in the same period in 2020. That is still 7% less than in 2019.

Investing in rental properties in Spain most popular in 2021

Between January and September 2021, a total of 1.9 million euros was invested in the purchase of properties for rent in Spain: more than 1,300 million in the first half of the year. In second place are investments in the hotel sector with 1,871 million, followed by the logistics sector (1,6 million) and office premises (1,6 million).

Extreme growth of logistics sector in Spain

With the increase in online shopping in Spain, the demand for warehouses and other places to store the products is also rising. Online shopping was already practiced before the pandemic, but since covid the growth has been unstoppable. If you look at the number of investments in warehouses and the logistics sector, it has increased 160% compared to 2020 and 29% compared to 2019. This has now made Spain the country with the highest logistics investment in Europe: the current volume is €1.4 billion.

Offices, student residences and retirement homes

Investments in student residences and homes for the elderly are also picking up. However, the number of investments is still 3% below that of 2019. The number of investments in real estate in Spain in terms of offices has risen slightly: 7% more sales compared to 2020. That is still 41% less than in 2019. Retail continues to perform the worst, with a 71% decrease compared to 2020 and 49% compared to 2019.


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